Authentic Guatemalan "Rebozo" Shawl

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These shawls are know in Guatemala as Rebozos.  They are finely handwoven cotton and cotton/silk shawls by the women in various regions of Guatemala.  Most of this collection is around 50 years old. This rebozo can be utilized as a shawl, scarf, or ornamental throw.
These vintage ethnic wraps are made mostly from natural dyes and are individually unique.   They can be washed or dry cleaned.  excellent for added warmth on chilly nights. 


  • Composed of cotton and cotton/silk blend
  • This rebozo can be utilized as a shawl, or an ornamental throw or wrap. 
  • Would be excellent to keep you heated on chilly winter nights.
  • Works excellent with all your equipment with added warmth.


  • Item Type: Shawl
  • Material: Cotton, Cotton/Silk
  • Gender: Women
  • Style: Fashion